Monument Shadows Golf
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Monument Shadows Golf
2550 Clubhouse Drive
Gering, NE  69341

Pro Shop
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Monument Shadows Golf : 2550 Clubhouse Drive : Gering, Nebraska  69341 : Pro Shop (308) 635-2277 : Restaurant (308) 635-6868 : Maintenance (308) 635-3881
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  • USGA Rules govern all play except where modified by local rules.
  • LATERAL HAZZARDS - Defined by Red Stakes or Lines
  • OUT OF BOUNDS - Defined by White Stakes or Boundary Fences
  • Yardage marked on sprinkler heads is to the center of the green. Markers on the edges of the fairway are to the center of the green.  Red - 100 yds    White - 150 yds    Blue - 200 yds    Gold - 250 yds
Monument Shadows Golf - Rules and Course Layout

* All maintained cart paths and roadways are obstructions.  Drop one club length from nearest point of relief no closer to the hole, with no penalty.

* Please keep carts on paths around tees and greens; cross fairways at 90°.

* Please replace all divots, fix ball marks and rake bunkers.

* Slow play will be monitored.  Play Ready Golf and keep up with the group in front of you. Pace of play is 2 hours per 9 holes and will be enforced.

* Proper attire must be worn at all times.